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Train to Busan: Movie Review


In an age where language is becoming less and less a barrier to the geographical reach of films, Train to Busan is a Korean film that has got immense universal appeal. Because, off the bat, Train to Busan has a very simple premise: What if you are travelling in a train and there’s a Zombie apocalypse? Add to that a bunch of characters, who the audience can relate to, and ding ding ding you have a winner!

Sure, there were a few moments where logic does take a backseat and the sentiment does feel over the top at times (for a few), but if one doesn’t fret and whine over it, and concede ground for cinematic liberties, you have at your plate, a meal that is going to leave you satisfied.

Most of us have watched Zombie films before and many good ones at that, with films like I am Legend, Resident Evil and Zombieland being the more memorable ones, and Train to Busan can comfortably join that list. It surely isn’t the best but it does have lot of things going for it.

We surely remember that emotional scene from I am Legend where Will Smith almost makes us cry whilst he is sitting on his kitchen floor tendering to his dog, and likewise TTB too has couple of such teary eyed moments that make this more than just another zombie film (though not as powerful as I am Legend. Because THERE IS NO WILL SMITH IN THIS ONE!!!!!!!)

This movie should remain a testament to what good writing can do to basically any subject out there. The movie makes you feel and care for the characters which translates into an exciting thrill ride for the audience. This is despite having CGI that isn’t up to Hollywood standards and couple of plot holes (logics amiss). But I sure did not mind them as I was too busy enjoying the film for what it was worth.

The movie, like the Train in the film, chugs along at a fine pace because of its brilliantly written screenplay and there isn’t a dull moment that I could remember. The performances in the film too were surprisingly extremely good for a film of this genre (surprised especially because I did not know what to expect from a Korean film and its actors). And one of the other brilliant aspects of this film is its old school background score. It certainly pushed the intensity higher right from the beginning.

Though it is being distributed as a horror film, it is hardly anything but that. It doesn’t scare you. Definitely. The zombie make ups were far from being bone chilling and I think that works in its favour and opens wider market for this film because people who usually find this whole genre of Zombie films to be creepy can actually go and watch this film as more of a thriller than a horror film and enjoy it.

There are a lot of Zombie films out there and comparisons are inevitable but as long as comparisons are with other films and not TV series, this film is worth watching. I am sucker for sentiments and emotions in films (like most of us, Indians :P) and this film falls right into that zone. But if you are not and if you have watched many other films and TV series, you might not be able to enjoy this film as much as this might seem less ‘intense’ and ‘bone chilling’ that them.

Rating: I’m going with 3.5/5
Verdict: This Film is Worth Buying On Blu-Ray 😀

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