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Spyder – Movie Review

I searched a lot but I couldn’t find – and didn’t stay back for the end-credits as well. So here’s a request: Someone please let me know the name of the kid who played the young Bhairavudu!

Because that kid will go places.

Mahesh is a CBI officer (his only duty being tapping “suspicious” calls) and he gets mixed up in some really messed up shit! How he saves his family, and everyone else, from a lunatic is what the movie is about.

The first half is rather short, at 1 hr..and isn’t boring. It’s not amazing either. Just fine. Pre-interval portions are really good. Post the intermission, the film is a mix of highs and lows. While a lot of stuff actually happens in the second half, it feels kinda lame at more than one place. In these lame portions of the film, cinematography and BGM save the day. The VFX are a letdown but buildings do come crashing down and a giant boulder reduces automobiles, people and roads to dust. So ya, there’s enough to keep you in the seat. But so much logic is lost in the mess that is the second half, that it does get laughable and unbelievable after a point. Writing inadequacies are aplenty. If you watch closely, there will be many unanswered questions with you.

Mahesh is alright but this film will remain in my memory for one important reason: SJ Surya. WHAT A PERFORMANCE! So he’s the baddie in this film, who derives happiness out of others’ miseries. A sadist, basically. 100% sadist (the film puts the sadism at 14%, but whatever). Clearly, the character has flavors of Joker but SJ Surya inhabits Bhairavudu completely and makes the character his own. There is also a long, elaborate chunk of the movie where we see Bhairavudu’s childhood and how he became who he is – and it is CREEPY. I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just CREEPY. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because this part of the film actually prepares us for what to expect from the adult Bhairavudu. And that’s good.

And the songs. Oh, the songs! Why does this film even have songs? Regardless of how funny and ridiculous the lyrics are, Pucchakay song is going to be on my playlist for a while from now. Editing could have been so much better! Also, PLEASE PLEASE write good roles for Priyadarshi. This role of his disappoints too!

So is Spyder worth watching? Depends, really. If watching a super sadist villain do really evil things is not your cup of tea, you might cringe at some places and you may not like half of the film. My mother didn’t, for instance. If you can appreciate the beauty in the crafting of the creepy and some really really good acting (courtesy SJ Surya), Spyder makes for a decent watch!

I’m going with 2.75 out of 5, and an extra 0.25 for not showing smoking and/or drinking in the film. Well done on that front! 🙂

PS: All the images are screenshots from the film’s official trailer on YouTube.


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