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Spider-man Homecoming: Movie Review

There have been so many Spiderman films by now that we could forgive a novice of marvel films for asking, “How many spidermans are they going to make?”…..and “What another reboot?”….”but we already saw two origin stories and 5 films!”….. “Why did they make it? And why is anybody going to watch it?”

(Check out the section at the end of review where I wrote about why this film took shape in the first place in spite of two Spiderman series in the last decade)

Why is anybody going to watch it, again, you ask?  (spoiler free review ahead, I assure you)

Because while the Sony’s Spiderman films were good in their own stead, we needed the marvel touch. A touch which has mastered the art of entertainment, fun and them feels in the superhero films.

Tom Holland as Spiderman

Spiderman Homecoming knows what it is. And knows where it is coming from. So the movie does away with all the “spider biting Peter Parker” and “Uncle Ben dying” segments. Because let’s face it, most of us who are going to watch this film, have watched the not-so-long-ago-for-a-reboot-origin-film which has addressed the segments concerned in details. So kudos, for taking that decision and sparing the audience of sitting through another “been-there-seen-that-too-many-times” scenes.

As the trailers indicate, Spiderman Homecoming takes off from where Captain America Civil War leaves us. The 15 year old spidey boy is back from his little adventure with avengers (read the face off between Captain America and Iron Man at the airport) to school where he has his hands full with academic decathlon, spanish quiz, unpopularity, a crush on a hot senior, detention, basically all the typical high school shenanigans for a 15 year old, to deal with. And this probably is the best part. Because this aspect of him being just another high school kid is, for me, the soul of this film and where it stands apart from the other Marvel movies. Lot of credit for that has to go to Tom Holland too who plays the young Peter Parker/Spiderman.

He pulls off the innocence, the excitement, the teenage hunger to prove one’s worth, and the neighbourhood Spiderman thing with aplomb. And Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man makes a couple of cameo appearances which are great (obviously!).

I always say this, a strong villain in a superhero films makes for a great film (look no further than Dark Knight for an example) and thankfully in the Vulture we have a good villain for this film. The movie dances on the thin line between a fun high-school-superhero film and a darker, more serious toned marvel movie (setting up for Infinity war?) with its amazing action sequences.

The movie has some good comedy (as you expect from a film that is being touted as true to the comic book character of Spiderman). It has more character based and situational comedy rather than forced comical dialgoues which, for me, has always been better form of comedy in movies. One of the surprising elements of this film for me has to be its background score. It definitely elevated the tension a notch higher in more one than scene.

Spiderman Homecoming has a lot going for it. It has an engaging plot. It is absolutely fun. Entertaining. And emotionally appealing too. It has a very different tone when compared with the previous Spiderman films and it might serve as the light hearted dose you might need at the end of a long week. Definitely recommend it.

In any case, without taking anything away from Toby Maguire and Andrew Garlfield as the Spiderman previously, I think this film is definitely worth a watch at least for Tom Holland’s performance. He. Is. Amazing! And so is the film!

Rating: 4/5

(Brief background/context: To answer the question of why another reboot: Well, the Spiderman character, as in comics, is owned by marvel comics as they own all the other characters like, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and all the other avengers. But the Spiderman character in films was first bought over by Sony from Marvel Comics, even before Marvel Studios was set up. So Sony owns Spiderman. And later when Marvel Studios came up, it owned all the other characters. Thus having its “Marvel cinematic universe” where all the superheroes existed together but sadly, to the fans disappointment, Spiderman was missing from that Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to Sony owning the rights over the cinematic character.

When finally (thanks to nerd boys and girls prayers being finally heard) Sony and Marvel Studios made a deal to get Spiderman back into Marvel Cinematic Universe under Marvel banner, it was Christmas time celebrations for superhero aficionados. And so, here comes another reboot of Spiderman, this time from Marvel)

Checkout the trailer:


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