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Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo – Movie Review

The pre-climax and climax sequences are a joke. I wonder why a film with a watchable first half had to progress like this post the intermission. I’m not saying it was going great until the halfway mark, but there’s nothing much to not like until then, either.

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Gautham Menon team up with debutante heroine Manjima Mohan (fun fact: she looks like the lovechild of Samantha and Anjali) in a film that starts out as any of Menon’s flicks, the leading man’s voice taking charge and introducing us to his world and stuff like that. What starts out as a “hi”, “hi” conversation between Chay and Leela, his sister’s friend who happens to stay at their place for a while, turns into a string of late night TV-watching sessions (they watch FRIENDS, FYI) and then into..well, I’m not allowed to give spoilers, am I?


Giving credit where it’s due, the first half is quite breezy. Nothing very remarkable happens through most of it, just good feels typical of any Menon’s love stories (but mind you, the “magic” in the romantic angle in this film is a shade lighter when compared to the director’s previous outings). The second act, the middle portion of the film, is where the real shit happens and ya, it was intriguing. Sure.

Halfway into the second half, the film just goes with the air in all directions and not one in particular, just like its main characters in the film do. It gets messier but I was still fine with it. I thought shit would be explained nicely as the reminder of the second half unravels. But nope. Doesn’t happen. Not until the final 15 minutes. And the revelations in these final moments deserve more than just 15 mins of Chay’s character just spoon-feeding Baba Sehgal how he did what and became what he was, in order to do what. OMG. Like. Please. If you wanted to show Chay in a particular avatar, why not just make a film along those lines?

I know and understand that most of the previous paragraph didn’t make any sense to you. I wasn’t mentioning anything specific; no details revealed. It was merely a rant mentioning things in a very generic way. But you have to watch the film to understand my pain.

Watch it once on the television. I’m going with 2.5/5.

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