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Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam – Movie Review

The film released this morning. I just watched it for the 23752373748923759th time.

I don’t have much to say, really. In fact, I stopped thinking about the movie the moment I came out of the theater. Instead, I was only wondering what I would write in my review, and how lengthy my review would be. Or if I would even write the review for that matter?! But, I’ve become used to reviewing all the films I watch, and reviewing bad films is super fun. So, I eventually gave in to the idea of reviewing this, after all. If you have noticed, I typed over a 100 words already and yet I conveyed nothing substantial. That’s because I am at a loss for words. This movie is THAT bad.

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: I don’t have a problem with repetition. If you are giving me old wine, at least give it to me in a new bottle. You just cannot toss that old freaking bottle with old freaking wine at me and ask me to take it with a smiling face. First things first, I didn’t like the trailer one bit. It gave me those Brahmotsavam feels. These days, I am thinking at least twice before I go watch a “family” movie. Because I’m too familiar with those stories to be bowled over by them, or in the least, enjoy them. To be fair to the industry, there have been a few “watchable” films of this genre that came with the same old story but were made in a watchable way. But films like Brahmotsavam and RRVC (I cannot type the whole thing, bear with me) just make me want to question all my life’s choices.

Right from the word go, everything that unfolds in front of your eyes is the shit you’ve seen before. And now it’s playing out in front of your eyes for the billionth time and in the same tried and tested narration. No effort whatsoever has gone into writing the story. Ctrl C + Ctrl V from a thousand films that have the same freaking story. The screenplay isn’t refreshing either. You know EXACTLY in which manner the story is told, which scene follows which and when a character reacts like that. Oh screw it, I even guessed some of the dialogues right. Which reminds me, the dialogues are average overall but oh god, at some places they are just so over-the-top and at others, so very unintentionally funny. How seriously can you take a film in which the hero says, “Heart left lo unna, right eh cheptundi”. I JUST COULDN’T STOP LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at this.

The actors don’t help much either. Naga Chaitanya is forgettable. Rakul Preet Singh is forgettable too but her character isn’t, and not in a good way. I would kill Bhramaraamba with my own hands had she been in my life. That woman is just plain stupid, arrogant and a freaking pain in the ass. Born and raised with the sole freaking purpose of marrying a “raajakumaarudu”, she has the superpower of passing exams by writing shit like “Jai Hanuman” and “I am sorry Siva” in the answer sheets. Behen, I know how OU/AU/JNTU paper evaluations work, but by writing that shit you’re only stretching it too far. And, really, which time are you living in? “I am sorry Siva” doesn’t just miss a punctuation, it missed the train to 2017 by a good thirty years. It belongs in the 80s movies. And since when did people stop using mobile phones to save numbers and have them written on a piece of paper instead?

The only saving grace from the acting department is Sampath Raj. Jaggu is wasted. Also in the first half, Posani, Taagubothu Ramesh and a few other familiar comedians whose names I forgot and I am too lazy to check on Google appear and disappear before you can take notice. You’d think the movie at least tries to include some good comedy in order to make up for it’s million shortcomings but nope, nothing of that sort happens. These comedians are utterly wasted as well. Amid all this, Jaggu’s business is on the downward curve thanks to his close aide cum now betrayer Benarjee (played by Benarjee himself). I still don’t know what purpose this whole thread served.

The first half is the kinder of the two evils (if it really matters).

I know I am cribbing about everything and anything but that’s what my frame of mind really is right now. I spent 150 for this shit. I took one for the team. You shouldn’t watch it.

I’m going with 1/5.

PS: All the pictures are Youtube screen-grabs.

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