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Raju Gaari Gadi 2 – Movie Review

RGG-2 is a crushing bore.

To start with, there’s no Raju gaaru here. Nitpicking about the movie’s name aside, the film itself is bland. It’s supposed to be a horror comedy. It ends up being very less horror (read: very very very very very less) and some tasteless comedy sprinkled over a paper-thin plot. Three friends – two tharki dudes and a “decent guy”, as the other two call him, start a resort thingy. There’s a ghost in the resort. Nagarjuna is a mentalist they consult to solve this ghost problem. You know the drill from here. The movie plays out EXACTLY as you think it would. Sam’s there, so she must be the ghost. And voila! she is. No surprises there. And this isn’t even a spoiler honestly. I bet EVERYONE knows this/guessed this already. The trailer itself made it clear, despite trying in vain to shift the focus to Seerat being the ghost. Trailer cut fails.

They really should stop showing such a big moon. That’s not how we see it. -_-

The movie itself fails too. The first half is dead boring. 30 minutes into the film and NOTHING happens. I knew I wasted money on this in the first 30 minutes of the film. If you have seen enough bad films, you know one when you watch one for a good half an hour. And it just gets worse after the first thirty minutes. Several innuendos follow. The comedy is so bland that I sat straight-faced through most of it. But I could find a few people in the theater ROFLing, so either the movie sucks or I do. Post intermission, things get even predictable. The film STAUNCHLY follows the set blueprint of movies of such kind. So, obviously, we have a flashback. Rao Ramesh features in it and he’s one of the few good things about his film. His was a brief role but when did a role’s length stop this actor from delivering his best? He’s effortless. Apart from him, however, the second half doesn’t better the whole experience either. Sure, it’s marginally better than the first half, I’ll give it that, but that’s it.

Firstly, I have a problem with how conveniently the character of a mentalist is introduced in the form of Nagarjuna. There is a scene demonstrating his mentalist abilities and even this seems so dull. I probably would have liked it more had I not been watching The Mentalist (starring “Smiley” Simon Baker), a series with a man with these abilities as its protagonist. I usually don’t compare, but the whole mentalist thing here seems faded in comparison. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series inspired the character. Nothing wrong with it, absolutely. I’m just saying.

Samantha tries to do her best but cannot better the overall impact. The music is unnecessary and direction is second-rate at best. BGM “underlines” every “horror” scene, which are few and far between to start with, and that’s never the mark of a good horror film.

I’m going with 2 out of 5!

PS: All the images are screenshots from the film’s official trailer on YouTube.

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