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Raja The Great – Movie Review

Raja The Great is a through and through mediocre film. Starring Ravi Teja and Mehreen Peerzada, RTG revolves around Raja, a blind guy, played by Ravi Teja, and how he comes to the rescue of Lucky (Mehreen) when she’s in trouble.

The only novelty in this otherwise mundane, predictable film is that the hero’s character is blind. Other than that, there’s nothing particular that can be appreciated in this film. It’s not bad either. This films falls in the category of films we now-a-days call “time pass” movies. The first half of the film is long, the second half is longer. This could mean the editing was bad, or it could simply mean that I was too bored to enjoy a predictable film. The film stretches, a lot. Long drawn out sequences with Ravi Teja talking in his high-octane voice do not help. Mehreen on the other hand remains silent for the most part. When she does have to emote, it falls short. Honestly, her act is like that of a school kid doing a stage-show. It’s as if she is waiting for the word “action” to display whatever she’s learnt ASAP and be done with it (this can be seen very clearly in one particular scene). The hallmark of a good actor is his/her ability to own the role they are doing, no matter how small it is. Mehreen has a long way to go on that front.

The second half is equally predictable and familiar. It’s longer, though. Songs do not come as speedbreakers, as there is no speed here (lol). They are misplaced and quite frankly, a waste of run-time. There are hardly any catchy songs in the album. The writing is inconsistent. Sometimes you don’t understand why a certain thing happens but it just does, to no real use. Doesn’t make sense, really.

Radhika Sarathkumar plays mother to Raviteja and she’s alright. Tanikella Bharani sleepwalks through a simple role. The antagonist Vivan Bhatena has the looks and expressions, but needs to work on lip-syncing big time.

Srinivas Reddy fits the bill of Raviteja’s wingman. Raviteja’s comedy is what makes this film bearable if not likable. If Raviteja’s comedy doesn’t go down well with you, there’s literally nothing you will like about this film; you will most likely regret wasting your time over this soul-less film.

I’m going with 2.5 out of 5!

PS: All the images are screenshots from the film’s official trailer on YouTube.

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