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PSV Garuda Vega – Movie Review

PSV Garuda Vega is Praveen Sattaru’s most ambitious film till date. This is the first time Praveen is trying the thriller genre and he does a good job! Dr. Rajasekhar has a winner on his hands after almost a decade.

Dr. Rajasekhar plays an NIA officer who investigates an ongoing bomb blast + scam + a lot of other things, all connected. Adith Arun plays a “techie” (you may remember this guy as the hero from Genelia starrer Katha). Shraddha Das is a news-reporter/reader.

Close to 160 minutes, Garuda Vega is thrilling for the most part. The first half is especially riveting, barring the few not-so-funny scenes with Ali and that thread about divorce with Rajasekhar’s wife (Pooja Kumar). For a while you do not understand what’s going on (you know something’s happening but you cannot establish a connection between the ongoing scene and the previous one) but it all comes into place eventually as the movie goes along and you start to see the big picture. The second half loses some steam but it isn’t boring. The unnecessary item song with Sunny Leone is….well, unnecessary, and adds to the run-time. This long a film (a thriller at that) can do away with those erotic indulgences. But, apart from that item song as well, the second half does drag a bit overall, and some good editing could have made the experience better.

The biggest plus of this film is the production values. Top-notch! It’s also lavishly shot. The initial chasing scene, the dam sequence, car-chases, and the climax – there are enough really good visuals to behold here! Earnest performances from Rajasekhar and Adith Arun help the film as well. The story itself is not bad at all. BGM adds to the proceedings in a good way, so no complaints there.

Overall, Garuda Vega will be worth your time and money. A good thriller indeed! I am going with 3.25 out of 5!

PS: All the images are YouTube screenshots from the film’s official trailer.

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