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Nenu Local – Movie Review

Nani is a natural. We all know that. The dude is terrific in whichever role he plays. This time, too, he does a neat job. He makes a regular Telugu film hero character likable. He does it all – roams jobless, smokes like an idiot, fights and tells a girl that loves her on their first encounter. What’s more cringe-worthy, he tells her he’ll disturb her (meaning he’ll stalk the shit out of her and make her fall in love with him). He intends to do all this without an iota of change in himself. Neninthe, he says. Because, as the film’s tagline goes, attitude is everything. YOLO.

He gets pissed off when people ask him “Next enti?” after he passes engineering with great difficulty (there’s also a song about this). Once he meets the chick, he says “next nuvve”. Okay. SMH.

Now, I like Nani. i just did not like this character so much. While I completely agree with Nani’s monologue in the climax, I couldn’t get myself to like or at least appreciate the characterization of Babu, the part he plays. Sure, there’s enough enough comedy, as one would expect from the man, and I did have many hearty laughs. But that’s just good dialogues and Nani’s performance I’m liking there. Not Babu. Anyway, enough cribbing about this.

I’ll try to summarize the plot in one line: Nani loves this daddy’s girl at first sight and daddy eventually disapproves and as we all know, finally nods in agreement at his little girl’s decision. There’s a lot of routine jazz with typical, trademark Nani comedy all along the way which keeps you in the theater despite the paper-thin story. In the pre-interval scene, a new character pops up just for the sake of conjuring up a conflict. And obviously, there’s a flashback involving this dude and how he got mixed up in this bunch. Another thread so stupid I couldn’t buy.

I couldn’t take Naveen Chandra seriously. He’s toned up and all that and looks the part, but he couldn’t become that tough competitor for Nani. His dialogue delivery in his opening scene kissed all hope from his performance or his positive contribution to this film a goodbye. Keerthy Suresh is a fine actress but I have this feeling that she could be so much better. Sachin Khedekar is alright but made me miss Prakash Raj so very much.

Summing it up, there are laughs, many of them in fact and they are spread evenly in the film. There’s Nani, of course. So that’s about it, really. In a world full of films, I wouldn’t watch this one again. Did I like the film? It was okay. Did I enjoy it thoroughly? Nope, just in parts. Would I recommend a viewing? For Nani and the comedy, and for the lack of anything else this weekend, why not?! Time pass aithe avutundi.

I’m going with 2.5 out of 5!

PS: I am still wondering how different the film would have been without the cigarette in Nani’s hand. Not any different, I bet. Then why? Why the cigarette? Because “attitude is everything”? Don’t tell me a cigarette in a hero’s hand is the only way, if it’s any way at all, that you could show “attitude” or “heroism” or whatever you may want to call it. Film is a powerful medium. Incorporate small but significant changes while making a film, for they may have unimaginable changes in the masses for good. You could start with a no-cigarette film for instance.

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