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Naruda DONORuda – Movie Review

So, Naruda DONORuda is the official remake of the Hindi blockbuster Vicky Donor. Sumanth makes a comeback to the screens after a two year gap and remaking a hit Hindi film must have seemed like a good way to do it. Except it’s not, especially when the leading man cannot step into the shoes of Vicky (yes, the names of the leads are retained) as effortlessly and charmingly as the lovable Ayushmann Khurrana did.

For those who have not watched Vicky Donor (I’m sure most of you did), Naruda DONORuda is about Vicky, a guy who on acquaintance with Dr. Aanjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani), a fertility expert, becomes a sperm donor. What starts out as a way of making immediate money turns into a routine. What happens when Vicky finds love with Ashima Roy (Pallavi Subhash) forms the rest of the story.


The original story, duly credited to the national-award winning screenwriter Juhi Chaturvedi, was, and is, 4 years after Vicky Donor, a whiff of fresh breeze. Not a conventional plot by any measure, this is a story that cannot be rendered bland. Vicky Donor got it right but sadly, this remake misses the connect. Although the original was set in Delhi, played out with Punjabi and Bengali characters, I seemed to connect more with it than this film made closer home, featuring characters that speak my tongue. That is not to say Naruda DONORuda isn’t a faithful remake. It is. Perhaps that is partially the problem here. When you remake a film, you must tweak it to suit the nativity of the target audience. Otherwise, audience would still watch the film, but not really enjoy and connect and relate with it.

Ranting aside, this film gets certain things right. Cinematography deserves a thumbs up. Tanikella Bharani is first-rate, as always. Sri Lakshmi is in the film. She plays Sumanth’s mother. It’s so good to see her after a long time. The woman who plays Sumanth’s cool grandmother is okay but didn’t NAIL IT like Kamlesh Gill did in the original. Pallavi Subhash takes time to get into the character but overall, doesn’t disappoint. It’s too early to say anything more about her acting abilities but from what I’ve seen in this film, she does deserve a few more releases in the next couple of years.

Now, Sumanth was a perfect fit for Godavari’s Ram, so much so that I cannot imagine anyone else playing that character, but Vicky is not someone he played well. The thing with Sumanth, I always felt, is that he’s kinda rigid and needs to loosen up. This rigid thingy helped him with his character in Godavari but not all characters are Ram. Physically, he underwent a total revamp. He looks stylish and all that jazz. But but but, thoda aur carefree bano na, at least is tarah ke roles ke liye!

I’m going with 2.5 out of 5. The film is a good time when you’re drunk!

PS: This is not new, so many films have done it in the past, and if we do not express distaste towards such stereotyped treatment of homosexual characters in our films at least now, we will continue to become a regressive society. Though it is for a fleeting couple of seconds in one scene and a dialogue like “saga maga veshaalu” in another, it still needs to be done away with.


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