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Kahaani-2: Durga Rani Singh – Movie Review

There’s nothing more disappointing than a disappointing thriller.

Vidya Balan and Sujoy Ghosh reunite after 4 years, after Kahaani, to bring us Kahaani-2. When you set out to make a sequel for a film as brilliant as Kahaani, the benchmark is already very high. People expect exceptional stuff and they are not to be blamed. Kahaani was a taut thriller. There was no place there for any kind of slack. The same cannot be said about its sequel, unfortunately. Kahaani-2 starts off well but soon you notice signs of a potential tight thriller petering out.


The first half is not bad at all. It is pretty engaging and Vidya makes sure she keeps you riveted through her act. Even as predictability makes its way through the movie, she holds the film together. In the second half though, nothing can stop the damage. Not even the best actress we have in Bollywood. Post interval, the film falls prey to predictability. Take the suspense out of a thriller and you have nothing. While Kahaani kept us on tenterhooks till the climax, its successor gives everything away, slowly and then all at once, until there’s no real reason to stay back at the theater other than watching Vidya be the best at her game.

At the heart of the film, the reason why Durga Rani Singh does what she does, is a very sensitive, hush-hush topic that needs to be talked about and addressed. I cannot talk about it now as that would mean giving spoilers but, suffice to say, kudos to this film for making that topic its centerpiece. Was there a full-bodied treatment of this topic? No. Is it a start? Yes.

Also, Bengal wasn’t captured in this film as brilliantly as it was in the first film. Several attempts at humor to ease the tension in the film didn’t work quite well. In fact, they annoyed me. Acting has never been Arjun Rampal’s forte but in this film, he’s good. So is everybody else, but Parambrata Chatterjee and the others from the first film are dearly missed.

I am expecting better from Kahaani-3 if it ever gets made. I’m going with 2.75 out of 5!

The film is still a good time, no alcohol required!

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