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Jai Lava Kusa – Movie Review

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Jr. NTR is one of the finest actors we have today in TFI. Probably the best product of “nepotism” in TFI. And this man makes Jai Lava Kusa watchable despite its blunders. Honestly, NO ONE could have saved this film as Tarak did.

Let me not beat around the bush here.

Bobby just couldn’t create material that demands Tarak’s full potential. I mean, just look at that man perform with whatever he’s given! Despite a story that could have translated into a decent film, Bobby fails to let the characters explore themselves without boundaries. Especially with Lava and Kusa, there’s a lot of “holding back” that happens, probably because Ravana was supposed to be the character of concentration here but I don’t know, I would have loved to see more solid Lava and Kusa as well. The writing is uniformly amateurish. The first half has its own share of plain stupid elements, logic-less scenes and attempts at a “love” story between Tarak and Rashi. This is another problem I had with the film. Tarak and Rashi’s love story never really feel genuine. It is paper-thin, TBH. And at more than one place, just plain boring.

What I would have LOVED to see, on the other hand, is the Nivetha-Tarak thread. Given the acting capabilities of Nivetha and also the situation her character Simran is in, her equation with the different Taraks would have meant some amazing scenes between the duo (trio?). But sadly, no such thing ever happens. Nivetha has, like, 3 and a half scenes in a the film and two songs (or was it one? I don’t remember). It could have very well been another actress in her place because honestly, there’s nothing she/her character brought to the table here.

The story of the three brothers, of course, had to be the central theme and it did remain that for the most part. But more insight into their early lives would have made digesting Jai’s feelings for his brothers more easier. Also, Posani, who plays their uncle, had a major part to play in their lives, especially as far as shaping Jai’s character is concerned. Sadly, there’s hardly anything for him to do later. I wish things were different for Posani’s character as well.

Tarak is in literally every frame of the film, sometimes there are two of him and sometimes there are three but he never disappoints. The others are just alright. I failed to understand this – why Ronit Roy? As I said to NaChaKi a while earlier, there will be a dozen struggling actors in the streets of Krishna Nagar who will play the part just as well for a tenth of that paycheck. It’s not like Ronit Roy has a “market” in the TFI like a Prakash Raj does. What else!? Oh the background music is heavy at times and it is really irking. Music by DSP is disappointing overall.

At over two and a half hours, JLK does get tedious but Tarak doesn’t let it sink without a trace. I’m going with 2.5 out of 5!

PS: All the images are screenshots from the film’s official trailer on YouTube.

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