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Jagga Jasoos – Review

**Guest Review by NaChaKi**

Here is a film that is a musical, rom-com, action, fiction, and some more! But how well did it handle the variety of genres?

The film opens as a narrative by Shruti Sengupta, the female lead. It introduces the comic book hero Jagga The Detective, or Jagga Jasoos, who has a hairdo that reminds us of Tintin. With Disney backing the project, and with a Tintin-like hero who’s (also) a detective, and with good support cast and crew, Jagga Jasoos could have been a much better film than what it is.

What…, is the film that bad?! No, it’s not! In fact, a lot of audiences can enjoy the whole journey the film takes them through. Only, the film seems to stop shallower than it promises. The film is narrated through an innovative screenplay, which may leave some audiences confused, though. The film engages the audience through the first half and creates a good platform for the film to take off well, but it feels like a bumpy ride on a flat road!

The film offers a lot of promise visually and delivers too, for most part. There’s a typical Disney look and feel to the film, thanks to the visuals. The music maintains the mood all through. Given that the film is a musical, the music score and songs play an important part of the narrative. Pritam, surprisingly in a way, does the job well. A couple of songs such as galtii sE mistake… and ullU kaa phaTTaa… linger among the audience, thanks also to the choreography. The other songs are not hummable though, given the nature of the songs to form a mandatory part of the narrative. The dialogue is enjoyable with comedy sprinkled here and there. Editing could have been better in the second half. The script has too many sub-plots that complicate the narration, but the screenplay makes a honest attempt in presenting them. I’d say this much though: if the film does not work out well at the box-office, blame it on the choice of such a lighter-vein screenplay for a movie with so many sub-plots that cut across various genres. And on the weak climax.

Why would anyone care to watch the film, you may ask. If nothing behind the screen seemed impressive to you, place all your hopes on Ranbir Kapoor, who does not disappoint any bit. Ranbir as Jagga did a very good job in the role of an adolescent-like adult who cannot articulate words like he can croon the songs. I shall not divulge more but go watch it for him and you’d not be disappointed! And Katrina Kaif? Honestly, I was not impressed. She merely fits the bill, or well, she does not spoil it. Saswata Chatterjee as Badal Bagchi who raises Jagga is perfect! Saurabh Shukla too does the job well. The others are adequate.

Oh yeah, go for it anyway, since there’s gonna be a sequel/series, clearly.

PS: All the images are YouTube screenshots from the film’s official trailer.

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