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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Movie Review


I start with a complaint. The trailer cuts for this film are not good. Simply because, even though I am a huge Harry potter Franchise fan (of both books and films) and more importantly, a fan of the magical universe of JK Rowling, I couldn’t help but dread if this film was going to fail. I mean look at the trailer, all the three trailers give an impression that this film is all about Newt Scamander losing his magical creatures in New York which wreack havoc. Is that it? My sister who isn’t a Potterhead (a term used for die hard Harry Potter fans), didn’t find the trailer to be compelling enough to be excited or keen to watch this flick. She dragged along only because I was going.

So, that made me wonder, is it a terribly bad cut? In my opinion it definitely is. The movie is so much more than Newt Scamander retrieving his lost magical creatures (and in fact it is not!). And in fact I have heard this complaint from many, that they didn’t expect “much” from the film after watching the trailers. So I want to use the first two paragraphs of this review to dispel that. Nope, the trailers are bad. Don’t watch the trailers. Just go to the film. It has a great story!

It has a half blood prince-isque feel with lot of “dark elements” but there is ample humour in it too. There is so much depth to this stunning new universe that JK Rowling churns in her brain factory that one can’t help but fall in love with her amazing new characters.

The real magic is in fact her writing. How does she do it? How!? I can just drool in my imagination of what a wonderful book this story would have made had it been written as a novel but JK Rowling does an equally fine job in her limited capacities. She did not have the backing of the world’s highest graphic processor: The minds of her readers, but she is backed to the hilt by the visual effects team of Warner Bros.

This must be the best visually gratifying movie of the JK Rowling Magical universe. Without a doubt. Some of the scenes in which we get to see all new magical creatures are splendid! And the action scenes too! There are a couple of slo-mo scenes that were so good that they pleasantly surprised me (honestly, I wasn’t expecting the visuals to be this damn good!)

Everybody knows the potential of Eddie Redmayne, and he exceeded those expectations playing Newt Scamander. He owns this film. But even more surprisingly, the other lead actors too complement him perfectly. Especially the guy who plays a No-Maj(American term for a “muggle” apparently), Jacob Kowalski . He is the sole source of humor in this film and he plays that to perfection.

The props, the dialogues, the music, the sets and the general vibe that this new franchise gives(yes it’s going to be a franchise with 2 to 3 more films in the pipeline) are a reminiscent to the good old times of Harry Potter and the Magical universe.

To wrap it up, the movie is an absolute treat to both fans and non-fans and sets off a whole new era of magical universe. It is a delightful combination of light humour, beautiful new characters, magical creatures and the dark elements of wizarding world. Some great performances, stunning visuals, and good writing, make this a thorough entertainer.  ^_^

Reeltalk Rating: 4/5
Verdict: Awesometacular! 😀

PS: Even those who are not familiar with Harry potter films or books can watch this film without worrying about whether or not one would be able to follow this film (it is a kind of prequel, so no issues 🙂 )
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