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Ekkadiki Potaavu Chinnavaada – Movie Review

Despite its interesting premise, Ekkadiki Potaavu Chinnavaada (EPC) comes off as a half-hearted attempt made primarily to leverage the thriller-comedy genre craze. It’s neither adequately funny nor adequately embellished with the thriller elements. That is not to say there weren’t times when I was pushed to the edge of my seat, I was, but it was just not enough.


The first half of the film is strictly average except the interesting pre-intermission scenes. Post the intermission, I was starting to get really interested but my thrill did not last long each time there was an impending bend in the road, for if you have watched enough thrillers in your life, you can make a near-accurate guess of what’s about to come. The “element of surprise” was not so strong for me, and perhaps that is why I liked this film a little less than how much most people seem to be liking.

With a run-time of about 140 minutes, EPC feels longer, mostly due to its less engaging first half. Nikhil is alright, so is Nandita Swetha in her Telugu debut. It’s Hebbah Patel who falls short. Tanikella Bharani is wasted. Camerawork by Sai Sriram is really good.

There’s really nothing more to say. :/ If a film is good, you can write a lot about it. If a film is bad, you can write shit loads about it. It’s these average films that suck your soul. I mean, why couldn’t these be better or worse? It pains me.

Ekkadiki Potaavu Chinnavaada is probably better served along with alcohol. I’m going with 2.5 out of 5! Okay maybe 2.75.

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