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Dwaraka – Movie Review

I like reviewing movies that I like. I love reviewing the ones I love. But boy, trashing the ones I did not like? It’s party time! So let me begin the rant.

Tharki Baba

Vijay Devarakonda chooses THIS film after Pelli Choopulu? Now that’s some bad decision making. After a simple but brilliant movie that ushered in some freshness, Dwaraka fades to a film that’s badly written and is at least a dozen shades lighter than Pelli Choopulu. Let’s forget Pelli Choopulu and all the jazz surrounding it, and all the stardom it bestowed upon Vijay, for a while. Even as a standalone film, Dwaraka is flawed beyond repair. In fact, the more I think about the film, the more I dislike it. Trust me when I say I disliked it a lot less just when I walked out of the theater.

The film is about a thief turned “Donga Baba” owing to chance circumstances – just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time (or the right). Erra Seenu’s craftsmanship is shown to us only in one robbery scene (the opening scene), a scene perhaps started with the ambition of coming across as “intelligent”, what with “one person who studies the target and another who distracts the target and yet another, the third musketeer, who casually robs the target off”, but ends up looking like the work of a bunch of students. Other than this, no insight whatsoever is given into Erra Seenu’s life before becoming the godman. What was his life like? What were his struggles? What made him the man he is today? None of this is shown. And this is one half of the reason why you cannot bring yourself to care about what happens to either Erra Seenu, or later in the film, Baba. Even after him becoming a Baba and following an ugly turn of events in his life, not much of his inner turmoil is shown. Only in brief do we see glimpses of his ethical conundrum, but it is too little and too late, and to no avail. Instead of focusing more on what’s going on in the mind of the dude, we are made audience to mere goings-on, and trust me when I say there’s nothing unseen here.

There’s no coherence here. No proper flow of the story. At places, the transitions become evidently clunky. One moment we have Vijay on the screen doing his Baba stuff and out of nowhere Murli Sharma appears on-screen with his mother, played by the very likable Annapurna, and off he vanishes into thin air, and now we are back to the Baba scene. Not smooth. At all.

And it’s not like the characters are etched out well. None of the people seems to know their shit. Take the love-story between Baba and the heroine, for example. The dude spoke to her thrice. Actually, no. He did not even talk to her thrice, he only SAW her thrice. But, he’s in Louuuuu. Now don’t go all “That’s what happens in Telugu movies, okay?” on me. That’s not all. He goes on to eventually give her name as a nominee for some mind-boggling amount. Look bro, she might as well friendzone you for all we know. Chill the heck out.

Tharki Baba staring at cleavages

And it’s not just the hero who doesn’t his shit. The heroine goes from “You’re a fake Baba doing all these corrupt things, fooling innocent people. Have a life.”, to hugging him with louuuu in one night. 12 hours. Okay. *SMH*

One of the Bhakts loses his shit when he comes to know the truth about this fake Baba. He wants to burn himself to death. Bro, chill the heck out.

Enthu-cutlet bhakt

The hero spends an evening in the company of a kid, and eventually when something bad happens to that kid, he goes “Naaku life, love ante ento nerpinchinde vaadu inka Vasudha (heroine)”. Bro, you alright bro? You spent a couple of hours with the kid. PLEASE.

Chilling with the kid one fine evening

The first half is a slog. The second half is marginally better, but I will remind you here that we are comparing the second half with the first, more shittier half. The production values are pathetic. There’s TV serial feel to everything that you see. The whole thing is shot in practically one house. Dull colors, duller faces. AND WHO IS YOUR COSTUME DESIGNER FOR FFS? I’m known to not have any fashion sense. My friends say I wear “uncle shirts”. And “I” am saying this, “The costumes SUCK”. Period. And not to mention those numerous pelvic thrusts during song sequences.

In the intermission, I ordered a packet of French Fries. Now this is not something I usually do at the movies. Eating at the movies is for the rich. But today, I thought maybe food will do me good after all. I was waiting for my Fries to arrive just as eagerly as I was waiting for the movie to end. And just like the Fries, the movie was disappointing AF.

What we get

I’m going with 1.5!

PS: All images are YouTube captures from the trailer.

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