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Doctor Strange: Movie Review


It was into 15 minutes into the film, I was totally immersed and I realized one thing: Superhero Origin movies are just amazing!

Doctor Strange, like most good ‘origin movies’, runs on well written characters that are deep. The movie sucks you into the life of Doctor Strange right in the beginning and instantly connects you with an altogether new Superhero character as if you knew that guy from a very long time. It does so, hardly few minutes into the film. This take some amazing writing to be able to do so. Oh the writers at Marvel Studios! Cheers fellas! You guys are the real super heroes (DC Studios please take all your directors and writers, and do an internship at Marvel and learn how to do it! 🙂 We want this! Not crap like Dawn of Justice 🙂 Thank you)

A decade ago, a film like Doctor Strange would have been impossible to execute, not because we lacked technology, but because there would have been no takers (producers, studios) who would believe such movies could work. But thanks to hits like Guardians of Galaxy, Antman, there is now a belief, both among the fans and the producers, that they could fly into any unchartered territory of Marvel Comics universe and bring it to life in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And execute they did! Casting is where they score really high. Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange was the prefect pick. I can’t imagine anybody else fitting into the role with as much ease as he does (I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but see the film and you will understand why). Chiwetel Eljiofor (From 2012, 12 years a Slave), the beautiful Rachael McAdams (The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes), Tilda Swilton (the white witch in Narnia) are some of the other caste who give out strong performances and make this more memorable of a film.

All the magic and the action-packed scenes are shown in a visually stunning manner (although I was disappointed with how dark it became because of the 3D. It might have been because of the sucky screen that I was watching in). It has got a very good central story line, backed with crisp screenplay that is to the point without a dull moment. The background score, the choice of background songs are brilliant too. As always the film is peppered with humor as in any other Marvel movie but probably a bit less of it comparatively (and no complaints here though! I liked those comic bits that were there!)

On the whole, Doctor Strange is kind of refreshing film in this superhero genre because of the magic elements and whole set of new characters that are quite different from the usual flicks. But if I did have to pick one sore spot though, I would say it is the climax. It is not a bad ending or anything, but it is just not as dramatic or action packed as you would expect it to be. It almost feels kind of rushed and to an extent, as an abrupt ending. But that does not take anything away from this absolutely entertaining affair!

To sum it all up I will say this: This is probably the best time to be alive for a fan of superhero films. Visually Stunning. Check. Gripping. Check. Intense. Check. Blows your mind. Check. Entertaining as hell. Check. There should be a new phrase in movies “As brilliantly executed as a Marvel Movie”. Coz no matter how high an expectation I have of a film from these Marvel movies, they never disappoint! Kudos, once again! (DC Studios please take all your directors and writers, and do an internship at Marvel and learn how to do it J We want this! Not crap like Dawn of Justice J Thank you)

Doctor Strange gets this “Magic November” off to a brilliant start. The magic has begun. And I hope Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them takes this magic forward! 😀

Reeltalk Rating: 4/5
Reeltalk Verdict: Worth buying on Blu-Ray! 😀 😀 😀

PS: There are two end credit scenes. One comes a few seconds into the credits and the other one is at the very end, after all the end credits roll. DON’T MISS THEM!

Also if you live in Hyderabad, try catching this film up in Prasads Large screen, as they have Christie Digital Projection system, which makes 3D films 4 times as brighter as any other screen. Sadly, the screen in which I watched in, at some other leading multiplex was disappointing. The movie got all dark after putting on the 3D glasses. :/



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