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Duvvada Jagannaadham (DJ) – Abbbaaa Abbassyah Abbaabyaha!

I did not even remember that I had already watched the trailer for this film until I played it for a second time unknowingly, hoping to get a feel of what I was in for. The trailer is far from good but nothing, and I repeat nothing, prepares you for this dud.

What can I write about a movie the story of which is too bland to be memorable? And too familiar? Characterizations and actors lo ne tedaa gaani story maatram tarataraala nunchi as it is. Koncham Adhurs touch icchi serve chesadu anthe. Catering business cheskune oka baapana kutumbam lo oka “paddhati” gala abbay aatavidupu ki cheddolla kaallu viragakodataadu. More often than not, he kills them soon after. Vigilante laanti pedda pedda maatalu vaadaalani ledu gaani, alaane anukondi. Murali Sarma (I don’t remember his name in the film) is his companion (mentor?!) in these “activities”. “So veellu em chesaru annade story”, ani anta ankunnara? Tsk tsk tsk.

Dialogue delivery lo konni chotla tappa Allu Arjun Adhurs!

What fun is a movie if you do not bring in the “heroine” (not actress, mind you) only to show her navel, breasts, lips and bums? Asalu ila glamour olakapoyadaanike actresses unnaru annattu ga vaalla characters raasi sabhya samaajaaniki em message iddam ankuntunnarandi? Anyway, so for that reason, in walks Pooja Hegde. Inka veella madhya nadiche story ni love story analem. Asal daantlo love eh illae. Generous doses of Pooja’s (that’s her name in the movie as well) glamour and a few sexual innuendos follow.

First half is strictly average. You-can-watch-it-on-tv-when-you-have-nothing-else-to-do average. Second half aithe galeezaha galeezasya galeezobyaha! Rao Ramesh’s character is all fart no shit. His villain-ism is given a kick in the butt at the end of the movie, reducing what he has to do to a bare minimum, thereby questioning his qualification as the dangerous villain that we are made to believe. Before coming to a rather hasty, hurried and not to mention, unintentionally funny climax, the movie becomes all kinds of mess in the latter half.

I did not understand the whole Chandramohan thread. Why?

Gudilo nuvve badilo nuvve ani paatalo antha importance icchi kathalo maatram assalu ivvaledem? I remember the Fair And Handsome product-placement from the movie (oh ya, this happens a lot if you clearly observe) more than Pooja Hegde.

Anukokunda Oka Roju lo Sasank gurtunnaada? Paapam rende rendu dialogues ee abbay ki.

And what’s with షర్మ? శర్మ ra babu. షర్మ kaadu.

Inka “Won’t DJ get caught because of all the evidence he leaves behind at the crime scenes? Forensics and all? He’s been doing it since 20 years. Okkasaari kuda dorakaleda?” laanti questions manam adagamu. We’re more than that shiz.

Daadaapu 2hrs 35mins bomma. Antha opika unte velli chudandi. Ledante haiga padukondi ee weekend. I’m going with 1.5 out of 5!

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