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Dhruva – Movie Review

I haven’t watched Thani Oruvan. So, obviously, I cannot compare Dhruva with its mother-copy. Now, I don’t know if I would have liked Dhruva just as much had I watched Thani Oruvan first. I can, however, say this much: Dhruva is a good film. It is engaging for the most part, racy and has this man called Arvind Swamy command all our attention to even his slightest of smirks. I will remember Dhruva for a different reason altogether. Ram Charan actually makes an impression in this one!


The story isn’t novel by any standard. Other than a few extra characters and a little dignified, polished and refined touch to the proceedings, what we see is nothing we haven’t seen before. But what makes it work is the pace. Pace that a thriller needs. Although the second half stretches longer than I would like it and although I feel Navin Noola’s scissors could have done better work, I was actually not looking at my phone in the theater.

It starts off weirdly, TBH. One over-smart 15-year old persuades his gullible dad to do something and the good daddy does it. What it is and how the young bloke actually thought about all this is beyond my silly brain’s comprehension. Perhaps that is why I find it unnatural. Cinematic. All the more Tollywood-y. Instantly familiar. The first half is a breeze. Enter Arvind Swamy and boy, the second half, although a tad too long, is worth the money.

Honestly, I do not think acting is Ram Charan’s forte. He did everything in his capacity (or actually didn’t) to prove this. I do not know why he did better in this one. Actually, wayyyyy better. Perhaps it was the script that brought out the best (I hope this is not his best and he has a lot to offer) in him. Unlike Raccha. I have one word for Arvind Swamy and his character – classy. When was the last time you heard a villain say, “Give me 5 minutes” when a hero asks him to decide something? Swamy owns the character he plays and thumbs up to those who wrote Siddharth Abhimanyu.

Rakul Preet and the others are alright. A mention should be made of Navdeep here. He has a lot TO him than the infamous cases he often lands himself in. He deserves more and that is evident from his acting in Dhruva. Background score accentuates the proceedings. Thumbs up there too!

Overall, Dhruva is a good time. No alcohol required. I am going with 3.5 out of 5! 🙂

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