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Bhaagamathie – Movie Review

In her latest outing, Anushka Shetty shows us yet again why she’s considered the Queen of TFI. In Bhaagamathie, it’s Sweety all the way. She’s practically in every frame of the film and you just cannot take your eyes off her. It’s really spectacular how she carries with grace this look in the film:

And then she does this just as convincingly:

It may not be anything unusual for an actor playing such roles. Sweety herself has done this before, but the sheer range of her acting prowess comes to the fore in this film. You may want to sit upright and take notice of a scene in the jail she has with Eswar Prasad (Jayaram). The switches she makes in a matter of seconds is really worth admiring.

Apart from the leading lady, all other actors fit their bills. Jayaram is serviceable. Unni Mukundan is really good but needs to work on the language (lip sync here, as he was clearly dubbed for) if he wishes to make a powerful presence. That said, I wish he learns the language and dubs for himself because it’s evident that he’s got the acting chops. Opportunities would be aplenty then. Asha Sharath is okay in a role she’s gotten used to so much by now (Drishyam in Malayalam followed by a string of similar roles). Dhanraj, Prabhas Seenu and Vidyullekhaa Ramann provide comic relief.

Although the writing gets just a wee bit knotty at places, it all evens out in the big picture. Overall, it’s a well written film. G. Ashok (Pilla Zamindar) directed this film and he managed to churn out a fine entertainer. Bhaagamathie isn’t really packaged as belonging to any particular mainstream genres. There are horror elements in it, there are thrilling elements as well but the film doesn’t fall into either of these categories. It’s also not a horror-comedy despite tickling a funny bone now and then. There’s also an important thread going on with political touches to it. And then we have the backstory (?) of Bhaagamathie. So what genre is it? I don’t know, and I don’t care. The film was fun, and that’s all I needed.

This review would be incomplete without a mention of what a tremendous job Thaman has done with the BGM of this film. I’ve seen too many horror/thriller films with ear-shattering BGM that’s primarily used as an alternative to genuine scary/thrilling stuff. That’s not how BGM in Bhaagamathie is. It adds to the experience rather than being the sole reason for the experience. A job well done, there!

All in all, Bhaagamathie is good fun! This one is a sure winner. I’m going with 3.5 out of 5!

PS: All the images are screenshots from the film’s official trailer on YouTube.

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