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Agnyaathavaasi – Movie Review

Trivikram has fallen prey to stardom or, I don’t even know what, really, but it’s no secret that his writing is not what it used to be. How I miss the writer in Trivikram!! Since he got into direction, his writing quality has been on the downward curve and this film is the new low. I can understand if Trivikram the director screws up a movie. How would you feel if one of your favourite writers, the writer of Nuvve Nuvve and Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav and Manmadhudu and so many such wonderful movies, brazenly rip off a French film (scene to scene, I am told. I haven’t watched Largo Winch, but I will now)? Is it because he cannot come up with a story of his own, or he doesn’t want to? Or is it as Pawan Kalyan says in the film, “Kottha idea raanappudu paatha idea ne use cheddam”?

I do not have anything against remakes. This was an unauthorized one. A freemake. And from what I read on the internet, the director of Largo Winch is going to sue the makers of Agnyaathavaasi on the grounds of copyright infringement. And he must. I expect Trivikram, of all people, to know the fact that creative plagiarism is probably the worst of the kind. It’s theft. No comment has been made by Trivikram on this so far.

Let me get back to the movie itself. So stealing aside, the movie as a standalone film is a pain in itself. There might be some good in the story and the story itself might be good, but I am not going to credit Trivikram for that. The screenplay is clunky, direction strictly average, dialogues flat in half the scenes and needlessly Trivikram-y in the rest. This is one other thing I’ve come to dislike about his dialogues. We get it, you write well. BUT BUT BUT, every line doesn’t have to be a punch line. Every line need not have an alliteration. Every set of lines doesn’t need rhyming. Every dialogue doesn’t have to be your way of rubbing it in the audience’s faces that you’re the one writing them.

The film lacks soul. I am not kidding when I say I sat straight-faced through 95% of the film. The comedy is repetitive. It’s EXACTLY the kind of comedy you can expect from Pawan-Trivikram combination. Ahalya Amaayakuraalu becomes Kodaka Koteswara Rao here. That’s all. It’s not like the heavy, emotional scenes have substance either. There’s a lot of talk about how Pawan is very close to his step-mother Khusbhoo (spoilers) but it doesn’t reflect in the poor son-mother chemistry the actors seem to put up.

The first half is the most tolerable of the two. The second half is just SO SO SO bad, I wanted to walk out of the theater. I stayed because although it’s still January, this film was starting to look like it will make into my Worst 5 Movies of 2018 list (which ReelTalk will be doing in Dec BTW). Time JUST freezes in the second half. Songs come up every now and then and although Anirudh has done a good job with music, they just make you much more impatient. I mean, here you are, waiting for this crap-fest to over ASAP but boom! there you go, a song! I can as well listen to the songs on YouTube, you know?

The comedy is consistently third-rate. Love stories (if they can be called so) do not help. Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emmanuel have very little to do. If you ever watch the film, please pay attention to the scene where the two heroines engage in a cat-fight. That whole freaking scene is just so amateur and pointless and lame that it could have easily been from a poorly made short film. Aadi Pinisetty does his best in a role that ends just as abruptly as it begins. He isn’t just another board member in Boman Irani’s company, but he’s not also the main antagonist. He’s that average guy who enjoys more attention than he deserves.

I just do not know what to write anymore. I cannot wait to get back to Netflix or Primevideo and watch some quality content.

I’m going with 1 out of 5 for this dud.

PS: All the images are screenshots from the movie’s official trailer on YouTube.

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