Hello there.

We are Abhishek and Jishan (also called G and J). We are 20-somethings from Hyderabad who love to watch films and talk about them. Both of us have been writing film reviews for a while now, on our individual social media handles. ReelTalk is our long-overdue collaboration, a portal on which we wish to share our thoughts on films and engage in discussions with you, our readers, as well.

Also we want you to keep in mind that we are not professional movie critics in anyway and this website is only a channelized outlet of our passion on everything that are films. We want to talk about movies here more than review them. We want to talk about films in such a way as your neighbor, or friend or a colleague does.

We would be rating the films in the following categories: (Inspired from Youtuber Jeremy Jhans of whom we are some big fans)

Awsometacular* (Films that usually fall in between 4.5 and 5)
Worth Buying on Blu-Ray (Film b’n 3.5 to 4.5)
Good Time, No Alcohol Required (Films b’n 2.5 to 3.5)
Probably a Good Time, If you are drunk (Film b’n 1 to 2.5)
Dog Shit (Films b’n 0 to 1)

You can reach out to us on reeltalk94@gmail.com.